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Year 4



This week, we have explored wooden structures and framework. This cultivated in designing and creating our own miniature gardens which featured roofed pavilions! Our gardens ranged from peaceful, outdoor spaces to party gardens filled with hot tubs, water features and marshmallow machines.



As part of our electricity module in Science, we have created torches with working switches and circuits!



Thanks to the improving weather, Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed their athletics module this year. We have covered running for pace and stamina, jumping for distance as well as different types of throws!

Healthy Minds Week


A fabulous week in school filled with many things to help look after our wellbeing! Not only did we skip everyday, but we also spent a lot of time outside. This included making labrynths, blindfold challenges and building calm gardens. We were also lucky enough to go on a sensory walk and even enjoy a session from Relax Kids.

Coronation Day


In celebration of a new monarch, we celebrated with a coronation picnic as a whole school in the hall. We also designed our own crests and considered what we focus on if we were to a rule a country! We came up with ideas to support the current cost of living crisis, ways to support climate change and providing education for all.

Ufton Court Day 3


Our final day was marked with Tudor skills, largely focused around fire making. We lit our own fires and toasted marshmallows before sitting down for one last lunch and a run around our favourite field. We've had an excellent experience staying away from home and have learned so many interesting things!

Ufton Court Day 2


With bellies full of Tudor toast and cereal, we readied ourselves and prepared ships fit for a sail around the world. Following in the footsteps of controversial pirate, Sir Francis Drake, we visited many lands and discovered lots of treasure along the way. In the afternoon (after some fish fingers) we delighted in playing many traditional Tudor games. It was then time to attend the royal Tudor banquet in traditional clothing, where we ate with our hands before dancing, gambling and insulting each other! It's safe to say we all slept very well too.

Ufton Court Day 1


Having arrived in good time, we started our Tudor adventure by exploring the main house and grounds, searching for clues of secret catholic priests! We then enjoyed a jacket potato lunch before investigating some real Tudor artefacts. After pasta for dinner, we explored the justice system in the Tudor era which led to several people being beheaded, burned alive and ran out of town! It was then time to get settled into our warm cabins for a (surprisingly) good nights sleep. Let's see what tomorrow has in store!



We started off our Electricity topic by paying a visit to Year 6 who had recently built their own electronic games. They explained to us how they made their circuits and the different components they used. We can't wait to apply what we have learned to our own circuit building!




To start off our Tudor topic, we began by acting out a Midsummer Night's Dream. We enjoyed taking on different roles, using the audience as part of our performance and enjoyed the different twists and tails of the story.

Book sleeves


In DT this term, we've been putting our sewing skills to the test. Using felt, we have designed and made our own book sleeves. We did this by sewing a spine and two sleeves in order to fit in a book. We also sewed on more fabric to add to our designs!

Deforestation debate


During our rainforest topic, we have regularly researched deforestation and the impact it has on the world we live in. When writing balanced arguments, we carried out a debate in order to hear from several different perspectives including conservationists, pharmacists and loggers. As you can see, this got very animated!

States of matter


As part of our science topic, we created our own speedy water cycles. We used hot water to help represent the evaporation process from surface water. We placed ice on top of this, representing the colder atmosphere in our Earth's surface. This led to precipitation (rain) forming and dropping back down!



This half term, Year 4 are very lucky to be having golf lessons alongside our usual PE. We've had junior coaches visit us from Wellington College and teach us how to hold a golf club, how to position our bodies and aim when swinging...fore!

Merry Christmas!

After a fun filled week of Christmas activities and our Christingle, we celebrated with Christmas lunch. Wishing everyone a safe and relaxing winter break.

DT - slingshot cars!


We became Christmas elves this term and made our own toys. Using a glue gun and various materials, we made a moving car complete with chassis and side panels. All of our designs were very unique and different.

Egyptian Day!


What a fabulous set of Egyptian citizens, pharaohs, Gods and even a well-wrapped mummy!

Egyptian Day!


Welcome to Cairo! Year 4 enjoyed a wonderful Egyptian Day and successfully completed 4 tasks in order to return to the present day. They created Egyptian jewellery, their own artwork, translated hieroglyphs and even practised the fine art of mummification!

The Curse of Tutankhamun!


Six months ago, Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter opened a mysterious Egyptian tomb. Now, Carnarvon is dead, but why? Our reporters interviewed 4 key witnesses to this mysterious death for their own newspaper articles.

Anti-bullying week


Having discussed and decided how to be kind and respectful to one another, we transformed our ideas into Kindness Fortune Tellers. We included positive comments and actions which we could use to form friendships and help each other in times of need.

Class representatives


A huge congratulations to our Eco Committee and Pupil Leadership representatives, voted in by their classmates! They will work hard to provide Year 4 with a voice whilst attending weekly meetings with the rest of the school in order to help improve our community and environment.



Whilst learning about the rights and responsibilities that we have as children, we have been discussing the importance of consequence, as well as considering the importance of thinking about our choices before we act upon them. We did this through freeze frame and acted out various scenarios!

Curious collaging


Inspired by Matisse, we've experimented with collaging by transforming pictures of objects and turning them into something else!

Sound proof testing!


We investigated which material would be best for insulating sound by listening to music and walking until we couldn't hear it anymore. We discovered that the best household material was bubble wrap because sound travels slower through gases!