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Year 3

Year 3 2022-2023


A Super Start to Swimming

This week we started our swimming lessons at Harmans Water pool. We had lots of fun when we jumped in the pool and are very excited to come back next week.           

Year 3 pupils


The 'Magic Box' poem

In English, we have been working on Performance Poetry and enjoying both hearing and performing poems. Year 3 each wrote their own version of 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright. There were some fantastic ideas of things that the children would put in their boxes. We chose our best ideas and put them together to create a class poem. You can find it in the 'Video Resources' section on here. We hope you enjoy it.


End of Gymnastics

This week was the last lesson in our Gymnastics unit of PE. The children created partner sequences incorporating hoops. Their challenge was to to include a balance, a jump, a roll and a travelling movement while using strong body tension and ensuring their sequence used a variety of actions and levels. The children did great! We've had great fun learning new balances, rolls and body shapes this half term. We look forward to Athletics next half term!


Miss Currie


Story Buddies

The children have been busy writing some fantastic adventure stories set in the Stone Age. We were so impressed that we thought the children might like to share them with another year group. So on Friday, we invited some very excited Year 1s into our class and some of our Year 3s went into Year 1 and they shared their wonderful stories. It was lovely to see them talking to each other about their learning and how confident and kind the Year 3s were. We hope to make this a regular thing! Thank you for coming Year 1.


Miss Currie


Stone Age Day

What a brilliant day we've had! From making a model woolly mammoth, stories around the fire, hunting and gathering in the woods, exploring houses and some brilliant Stone Age art, we've had a busy but enjoyable day and learnt lots more about life in the Stone Age. A big thank you to parents for all your support with the wonderful costumes!

Our Finished Cushions


Happy New Year!

What a fantastic term! The children have worked so hard and produced work to be really proud of. We are looking forward to a brand new term full of exciting new topics and events. 


We were overwhelmed by the generous and thoughtful gifts we received at the end of the term. Thank you.


We hope you had a happy and restful break.


The Year 3 team



What is teamwork?


Today we began our new unit of PE: OAA (Outdoor adventurous activities). We talked about what made a great team and the children had so many great ideas! We then did some teamwork activities where the children had to use their communication skills in different challenges. They then had to complete a challenge in silence which really challenged their communication skills! In this unit the children will develop problem solving skills through a range of challenges as a pair and small group. We are so excited for next week!

Miss Currie



In PE this term the children have had such fun developing their use of counting and rhythm in dance. Following the themes of 'country and western' and 'superheroes', the children have used straight pathways and clear changes in direction in line dancing, created their own dances in relation to an idea and used canon, unison, formation and levels in their dances. We even performed them to a small audience! We have also been working on our social, emotional and thinking skills in PE. For example: sharing ideas, respect, confidence, creativity, leadership, observing and giving feedback. Very proud of you, Year 3!


Miss Currie



'This is Our Earth'

This Friday was our first every class assembly in year 3, and what an assembly it was! We had acting, singing and super costumes! The children worked so hard learning their lines and we had such fun practising our new favourite song, Our Earth in class. Thank you to our audience for enjoying it as much as we enjoyed rehearsing it. Well done Year 3!


Miss Currie


Election Day

In KS2, children have the chance to become a member of the Pupil Leadership Team and the Eco Committee. Through PLT and Eco Committee, children can raise issues, share new ideas and take part in discussions that reach a solution together. Today, all candidates gave their well-thought out speeches and answered questions about why they would make a great member. Then, we voted! I am so proud of each and every one of them and they should be very proud of themselves. 


Head over to the PLT and Eco Committee sections of our school website for more information on what they get up to throughout the year.


Miss Currie


Ça Va?

Year 3 have been busy learning some French words and phrases. We have learnt how to say basic greetings, ask someone's name and how someone is feeling as well as how to answer the question themselves.


On Friday, I asked the children to imagine that they are were in France walking down a street and they bumped into somebody they knew.

They completed this role play with others in the class and some children spoke in front of the class too. They did a fantastic job!

We have also located France and other French speaking countries on a map, discussed silent letters and next we will be counting to 10 and reading, writing and recalling ten different colours.


Miss Currie


Geography Team Project


Year 3 worked really hard on their team project today. First, they used Oddizzi website to research a climate zone and gather some information about different aspects of their climate. Then they created a poster to show their learning. We are so pleased with how well they worked in their groups and the fantastic posters they produced - well done Year 3!


Summer Home Learning


What a great start to Year 3 - we are so impressed with the home learning that Year 3 have done over the Summer! There was a fantastic range of posters, books, pictures and models. The children enjoyed sharing their work with each and had some lovely positive comments about each other's work. Thank you to parents who helped support them with this.

Welcome to Year 2 2021 - 2022 


Easter 2022


We had a visit from the Easter Bunny after a fabulous Easter egg hunt organised by the PTO.  

The children then all had fun taking care of their Easter chicks!

World Book Day 


We had some amazing entries for our World Book Day Peg Design competition, and our year 2 winners are shown here with their inventive designs.

Science Week


The children had a great week exploring water during science week.  They made water colour art, experimented with floating objects and weight, and made some water wheels which they then tested.

Water Wheels

Coldstream Guards Visit


The children were lucky enough to have a visit from one of the Queen Elizabeth's Coldstream Guards recently.  They had great fun trying on some uniform, and asked lots of questions about his job and how he looks after the queen.  They also had a go at marching and were rather good at it!


Spring Term


Welcome back and a Happy New Year. I hope that you all had a fun filled, exciting winter break! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity at Christmas. I was overwhelmed with your kindness.


I am looking forward to the term ahead. The children have worked so hard in their first term. I am very proud of them all. I hope that they will continue to work with enthusiasm and ambition to do well throughout the Spring Term. This term our topic will be Continents and Oceans of the World. We will be naming, locating and exploring these using a range of interesting resources.

Autumn Term

Christmas Advent Activities

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Cakes

Christmas Cards

Christmas Colouring and Crafts

Designing and Making Christmas Decorations


The children planned and sketched their designs, and then chose their fabric to match their designs.  Great cutting and sewing skills year 2!

Hatch Ride Christmas Fair

Children in Need

We all had a great time doing our Joe Wicks sports activities to raise money for Children in Need.

Elf Hunt


Our naughty elf, Patch, had been hiding elves around the school grounds and the children had fun finding them and marking their locations on a map of the school grounds.

The Great Fire of London


Our children enjoyed an exciting workshop, re-enacting events from the Great Fire of London - from the Bakery in Pudding Lane and through the 5 terrifying days that followed...

The children also made Tudor style houses during Welly Wednesday!

Year 1 2020/2021

Here is some fantastic work from Year 1 that is happening at home...

It's starting! Our butterflies are starting to emerge. We had our first butterfly and it belonged to Ms Sparrowhawk!

Our curly caterpillars have started to turn into a chrysalis and they are in the net so we can watch them emerge as butterflies in the next week or two!

Reception Rainbows - and Reception Family Rainbows!

Welcome to Reception 2019-2020! 

Come and find out what we have been learning in our first half term!

Week 7: Working together, fine motor skills, Once Upon a Time day, a visit from the Little Red Hen ...

Week 6: Making our Rapunzel scarecrow, puddle jumping, finding out how to protect Humpty Dumpty ...

Week 5: The Three Bears - making beds and porridge!

Week 4: Measuring, sorting, Life Bus, Harvest Festival ...

Week 3: Writing, building, imagining ...

Week 2: Working together in different parts of the school

Week 1: Exploring inside and outside and making new friends

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