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Year 3

Our Library days are Mondays. Mrs Field will take the class to the library in the mornings. Books can be returned and changed each week. 

Art - Friday 6th October 2023

For our Art lesson this week, we were looking at creating and using different textures. We used wax crayons to make interesting rubbings around the classroom and we cut and tore pieces off our rubbings to create a new piece of a flower. It was great fun and we all got very creative!

Art - crayon rubbings and creating!

Science - 19.09.23

We did an experiment for our topic of 'Light'. We were looking at how reflective materials were. We tried to set up a fair test by keeping the torch the same distance from the material. It was great fun using the torches!

Recorders - 20.09.23

We had our second recorders lesson today with Mr Woods. We have learnt to play B and A so far and we have been learning to read musical notes so we can play some simple songs. It has been great fun so far and Mr Woods complimented us on our listening skills and effort!

Fantastique French projects!


Well done to everyone for their incroyable summer home learning projects. We have displayed all of the children's hard work outside our class so everyone can see. 


Bravo à tous!


First week of Year Three - Completed! 


We had a boiling hot but fun first week of Year Three. The children have been excellent and they are already being fantastic Juniors!



We also completed one of the 21 things to do before leaving Hatch Ride. We went on a walk around some of the school grounds barefoot. It was great fun feeling the different types of ground beneath our feet! 

DT - Completed moving monsters!

DT - Children assembling their linkages as a practise for making their moving monsters.

Welcome to Year 1 2021 - 2022 

Carnival prep - Thank you to the PTO :)

School Disco! - June 2022

Recipe for Mrs Joyce's flapjacks

Outdoor Learning Day 2022

Playing the glockenspiel

World Book Day 2022

Queen Elizabeth II Assembly - Friday 11th February 2022

Amassive well done to all of Year 1 for all of their hard work for the sharing assembly. They did brilliantly and it was great to see all of the parents in the hall again!

DT - Fruit Salads 27.01.22


We made fruit salads! We helped slice, peel and chop the fruit and we got to eat it up after. We will use this experience to help us write instructions in a few weeks.

Spring Term 2022

Welcome back everyone and I hope you all had a fun and exciting Christmas and New Year! It is lovely to have the children back at school and to get started on some new topics and learning. This half term our topic will be Queen Elizabeth II and the United Kingdom. We will be looking at the Queen's coronation in the run up to her Platinum Jubilee later in 2022 and we will be looking at naming the countries and capital cities of the UK. 

History - 13.01.22

We have started looking at Queen Elizabeth II. We watched her coronation and compared it with Elsa and Anna's coronation from Frozen 1 and 2. We used some props to recreate the coronation in class and we coloured coronation themed pictures. We also used wooden blocks to build Buckingham Palace and the royal carriage. 

Finger Knitting - 2nd December 2021

We chose our favourite two colours and we practised finger knitting to make a little scarf for our toy alien. All of the adults were very surprised by how resilient the class were when they were knitting and many children wanted to keep making more scarves!

Christmas 2021

We had such a fabulous few weeks before Christmas! We had lots of lovely activities as part of our Advent calendar and we got to meet Father Christmas. We had a party with hot chocolate and a disco and we had a movie afternoon with popcorn. We created lots of different crafts to take home too.

Diwali and Bonfire Night 2021

Toy Day - October 2021

Reception 2020-21 

Exploring 100 in so many ways - at home and at school!

We have designed backgrounds for our Teams meetings!

Ready to welcome our new Reception class!

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