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Year 4

Sponsored 100

In honour of Captain Sir Tom Moore, Year 4 completed 100 laps of the playground each in just 4 days. We had some very tired legs by the end of the challenge but were very happy to complete the final lap altogether. Swipe for a surprise!

Spoon Ride

As part of Healthy Mind's Week, the whole school created Spoon Ride - an entire school of Spoon characters! We used lots of different materials including pipe cleaners to bring our creations to life. See if you can spot Mario, Luigi and a zombie! We also created bird feeders out of toilet rolls, lard and seeds.

Crazy Hair day!

To celebrate the end of home school learning, the children showed off their wackiest hair styles which featured lots of bright colours and brilliant ideas. We had some excellent mohawks, braids, a Coca-Cola bottle and even a bow and arrow! Here are just some of their brilliant efforts.

Christmas 2020!

We've had a fabulous last few weeks of term featuring all things Christmas. We made props for our Christmas video, created models with origami, decorated the classroom, iced gingerbread biscuits and coloured our own tree decorations! Merry Christmas to all. 

Secret messages!

Can you figure out our special codes written in Hieroglyphs?

Egyptian Day!

We topped off our Ancient Egyptian topic with a day full of activities. We created Egyptian jewellery, hunted for hieroglyphics around the school, made our own papyrus and even mummified some fruit! The children looked brilliant in their outfits which featured several Tutankhamun's, a number of Cleopatra's and even an Anubis.


This term, we studied our wonderful capital city. We studied maps, learned about some of the amazing monuments, created leaflets and posters and even discovered the wonders of the Windrush Generation and the Notting Hill carnival.

Learning from Home

Calculation Methods

Below are images to show our current written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In year 3, the written calculation focus is on adding and subtracting numbers with up to 3 digits and multiplying and dividing 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. Just click on an image to enlarge it. There is also a link below to a page of the school website which has videos of students explaining some methods as they do them. There are currently no videos of Year 3's calculation methods for multiplication and division... yet! But, I hope you find these images we have in the class useful. Happy calculating!


Plugging Pipelines

Today, as part of Science Week, we talked about STEM careers and how science can be used in many ways. Then, we became water engineers for the day and asked the question: how can we transport water across a distance without spilling it?

To answer this, we created a pipeline to transfer water from one cup to another without spilling it. We used straws for the pipes and had to secure the joins using masking tape to prevent leaks. We had to use gravity to help the water move.

We learnt that liquids such as water and oil can be transported through pipelines in large quanities, as can gases. Sometime this comes with risks, such as leaks. Environmental scientists assess the impact of pipelines on the environment, in their construction and operation.


It was SO much fun to see how much water would reach the second cup. We can't wait to try more STEM activities.


Did you know that The Romans were amazing architects and engineers?


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Currie



Happy World Book Day!


A Violin Update

I thought it would be nice to update you all on what the children have been learning in violin lessons since my last post. We are now using bows each week to play simple tunes and we know the names of the notes. We have also practise reading music! Today, the children learnt how to change from an A to a B by pressing a finger firmly down on the A string and plucking. They are really coming along!


Miss Currie


Celebrating Home Learning


Becoming Romans for the day at Ufton Court 

The children had a wonderful day today. First, we learnt how to make our Roman names and greeted each other with a special Roman greeting. Then, we learnt about and had a go at some Roman skills like wattling, making thread for clothes and making a spark with flint and steel. The children loved seeing history come alive!

After that, we heard about what it took to be a real Roman soldier and braved the rain to become one ourselves! We practised different formations like the sheild wall and the dome.

Finally, we looked at some artefacts and played a game that involved guessing what the item was used for. It was so interesting!


I hope you enjoy looking at some pictures of our lovely day and have a restful weekend.


Miss Currie


heart Happy Valentine's Day! heart

Have a lovely half term break. smiley


Miss Currie


Home Learning

As the half term comes to a close (can you believe it?) I thought it would be nice to share and celebrate some of the wonderful pieces of home learning I have happily recieved. The care, time and effort put into these pieces is fantastic and it has been great to see the children's enthusiasm for learning continue at home. I would like to say a huge well done to everyone who completed a piece of work to put into their topic books, science books, or to display proudly in our classroom.


I look forward to seeing what the next half term brings!


Miss Currie


Making a Small World

This afternoon, Lower Key Stage 2 got together to do some outdoor learning based on our '21 things to do at Hatch Ride.' Together, we created small worlds/habitats for animals in our school grounds. The children had such fun collecting items and trying different ways of putting them together to create an environment for an animal. Each group could tell us exactly what they were doing and why. It was lovely to see the children outside enjoying our wonderful school grounds and working collaboratively with each other. We even got a visitor from a spider and a robin already in two of the worlds! We are going to visit them again tomorrow quietly to see if we can see any signs of life!


Miss Currie


A Smashing Time at Badminton

Today, the sports team took some pupils from Year 3 and Year 4 to a badminton event at Waingels College in Woodley. The children competed against 8 other schools in a variety of badminton-style activities and had a wonderful time. As always, they behaved impeccably and made us very proud with their sportsmanship and positive attitude. They each got better as the afternoon went on! Well done LKS2!


Miss Currie


How to Hold a Violin Bow

Today, the children learnt how to hold their violin bow, ready for next week. We also practised playing the notes we have learnt already and sung a fun song with actions practising rhythm. 


Miss Currie


Hindu Temple

This morning, the children explored a Hindu Temple in Reading. We listened to some traditional music and singing, asked lots of good questions and heard all about traditions of the Hindu faith. What a lovely start to the week!


Miss Currie


Violin Lessons Have Begun!

This term, we are lucky enough to be learning how to play the violin each week! The children are SO excited and have learnt a lot already. Keep coming back for more pictures and updates!


Miss Currie


Popping Fun!

This afternoon, Year 3 experienced a STEM workshop. We learnt about how popcorn is made, designed and created our own flavors and packaged them too! What a fantastic afternoon! A huge thank you to our visitors.


Miss Currie



Merry Christmas!

What a half term it's been - we haven't stopped! The children have worked so hard and we are all looking forward to Christmas break. Here are a few photos from a half term of learning and fun smiley


Have a relaxing Christmas and Happy New Year,


Miss Currie


Last Week of Football

Today marked the last session of football for us. What a blast it's been! We ended the half term with a tournament and everyone played brilliantly, bringing all their new skills and scoring lots of goals! Well done everyone and thank you Play-Sport!


Miss Currie


Reading Winners!


Election Day!

In KS2, pupils have the chance to become a member of the School Council and, new to this year, part of the Eco Committee. Through School Council and Eco Committee, pupils have the opportunity to raise issues, share ideas and take part in discussions that reach a solution together. Today, all candidates gave their well-thought out speeches and answered questions about why they would make a great member. Then, we voted! I am so proud of each and every one of them and they should be very proud of themselves.

Scroll to reveal of our new members for 2019...


Miss Currie


Cricket Taster Day

Today, Berkshire Cricket gave us a taster into the world of cricket. We had an exciting assembly and a session with a coach learning about the rules and skills of the game - the children loved it!


Miss Currie



Today was a very exciting afternoon. We took some Year 3 pupils on the first sports event of the year! The boys played in a football tournament at Waverly Prep School and had a blast! They won 2 games, drew 1 and lost 1 - coming joint second out of 5 teams. Well done boys, what a great way to 'kick off' the year!


Miss Currie

Times Tables

Below are some links to help the children practise their times tables and some information about how to support your child with multiplication and division facts. In Year 3, we will be focussing on revising 25, and 10 times table taught in Year 2, and learning the 34, and 8 times tables.  It is expected that children can quickly recall all of the times tables by the end of Year 4.

Useful Links



Welcome to Year 3! 

What a super start to the year! Soon, you will see useful information regarding Year 3, plus exciting celebrations of some of the things we've been up to. Some of the posts will be written by the students themselves, too! Watch this space!


Miss Currie

Getting Ready for Year 3!

The children were excited to welcome year 3 pupils into their classroom last week.  The year 3 children were keen to show off some of the work they have been doing to give year 2 an idea of some of the exciting work that they will be doing next year! 

Micro Habitats

During Welly Wednesday, the children have been building bug houses and micro habitats out of natural materials. They did an excellent job!

Measuring Capacity

The children have been learning about volume and capacity, and using millilitres as a unit of measurement.  They compared different sizes of containers by filling one with water and then transferring the water to a different container, while predicting whether the second container had a bigger or smaller capacity than the first container.  They have also been making potions that Winnie the Witch would be proud of, following carefully a recipe and measuring the liquids in millilitres accurately.

Kenyan Show and Tell!

Show and Tell was extra exciting this week with the children sharing some fabulous objects from Kenya. The children were very excited to find out about Kenyan shillings and surprised at how little they could buy for 1000 shillings! They loved playing a tune on a Kenyan instrument and were very interested in the wooden carvings that were shared. A big thank you to the children and parents who made this possible!

Spot the chameleon!! Which chameleons are easiest to spot?

Now you see us! Now you don't!


As part of our science work, the children had a great time in our Welly Wednesday session exploring the best patterns to help our chameleons hide! They had a great understanding of camouflage by the end of the session and the chameleons were so well hidden that we actually lost some!!


Welcome to Year 2!





We are so enthusiastic about our new topic, which is Kenya! We have learnt about the oceans and continents of the world. I am sure the children would love to sing you a song about this if you ask! We have thought about how we would travel to Kenya and what we would need to take. We have also thought about animals that we might meet if we were to go on a safari to Kenya. We enjoyed creating African animal land art in our Welly Wednesday session. We have looked at African patterns in art.


Check out our amazing buffalo that was created during Welly Wednesday!



African Patterns