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Year 3


Group Project


Year 3 worked in teams on a project where they had to research the human and physical features of a European country and present their findings on a poster. Some brilliant team work was shown and some lovely posters produced. Well done Year 3.


Election Day!

At Hatch Ride, pupils have the chance to become a member of the Pupil Leadership Team (PLT) and the Eco Committee. Through this, pupils have the opportnunity to represent Hatch Ride and help create changes that will benefit everyone at school. Today, all candidates gave their well-thought out speeches and answered questions about why they would make a great member. Then, we voted!

We are so proud of each and every one of them and they should be very proud of themselves.


Miss Currie and Mrs Gibb


Super Home Learning

We have loved looking at the children's summer home learning and hearing them share what they have learnt with such pride. We have seen such a range - videos, presentations, crafts, posters and more! Well done Year 3 for working so hard.


Miss Currie and Mrs Gibb

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Welcome to Our Year 3 Class Page!


We are very excited to start our brand new class page! You will soon see useful information regarding Year 3, plus exciting celebrations of some of the things we've been up to. Some of the posts will be written by the children themselves, too! Watch this space!


Miss Currie and Mrs Gibb


Addition and Subtraction Strategies

A message for Year 2

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                Merry Christmas! 
I would like to take this opportunity to say a very big well done to the children of Year 2. They have worked so enthusiastically throughout the Autumn term and I am very proud of all their efforts! Please enjoy some pictures of their Christmas fun smiley.

Check out, what the children consider to be. THE LONGEST PAPER CHAIN IN THE WHOLE WORLD! smiley

The children worked beautifully as a team to create this paper chain together. 

                Whilst searching our woodland area for Patch, the children were very surprised and excited to find Santa in our outdoor                                                                        classroom. They had lots of questions for him! 

                          HE'S BACK!

Every year, Patch returns to Hatch Ride for some fun. The children can't wait to find out what Patch has been up to each day!

                               Hot chocolate and marshmallows!

The children in Year 2 have loved learning about the Great Fire of London. Check out some of their 17th century houses!

                             Welcome to Year 2!   2020/2021

Year 1 2019 - 2020


Proud Work!

Just an update on the Year 1 stick insects. I think they are enjoying a holiday at my house and they have had plenty of pivet to climb on and eat! See if you can spot any stick insects in the pictures :)

Welly Wednesday - Wednesday 11th March 2020

For Welly Wednesday this week, we were using our part whole models to find number bonds of numbers from 1 to 10. We were checking that we are confident to find pairs of numbers quickly and correctly. We used natural resources that we found out in the woods and on the field.

Welly Wednesday - Wednesday 12th February 2020


For Welly Wednesday this week, Year 1 and Year 2 joined together to find and build animal habitats in the woods on the school grounds. First we searched with our partner to find some animal habitats. We found mouse tunnels, rabbit warrens, a bat roost and a bird's nest.

After that we had to build a habitat for a specific animal and explain why they would like it. The children were great at working together and creating a variety of interesting habitats.

Fruit Pizzas - Wednesday 29th January 2020

Last week, we designed our fruit pizzas with Miss Field. We had to decide what fruit toppings we wanted to have on our pizzas.


On Wednesday, we checked our plans and we all helped slice, chop, peel and cut the fruit before making our pizzas and eating them at break time. 


They were delicious and the only thing left behind were a few crumbs!


We are going to be writing instructions about how to make a fruit pizza next week.

Famous People: Queen Elizabeth II

We have really enjoyed our topic so far! We have been looking at Queen Elizabeth II and Windsor Castle. We have our own Windsor Castle in the classroom and we loved acting as royals in the afternoons. 


A massive thank you to everyone who came and watched Year One's Sharing assembly. Thank you for providing clothes and helping with lines at home. They were fantastic!

Reading in Year 1


This half term, we have been working with Reception to help create an exciting display all about reading. We all helped create a rocket that will blast us off with a book! We had to vote for our favourite Julia Donaldson (our class author!) books. Our winners were "The Ugly Five", "The Smeds and the Smoos" and "The Gruffalo". 


We also did "Reading Buddies" with Reception. We paired up with a friend from Reception to share books together and we love it so much that we didn't want to stop!

Get ready to blast off with books!

There has been a new arrival...


We have a baby stick insect (a nymph) hatch last week!


It is very tiny and quite hard to spot in the tank but Year 1 have been looking carefully to find it.


Click on the pictures below and see if you can spot the nymph!

Healthy Minds Week - November 2019

We really enjoyed all of the activities that we tried in Healthy Minds week. We were able to build our resilience during a variety of tasks like Mini Marines. We made booklets that we can keep to remind us of the skills we learnt this week. We enjoyed discussing our feelings after listening to "The Soul Bird" and we like making our tree for "Roots of Resilience". 


Thank you very much to everyone that sponsored us during our Yogathon!

Toy Day - Thursday 17th October 2019

We had a fantastic Toy Day and we enjoyed dressing up and showing our toys. The children made ball and cup games and decorated Mr Potato heads. 

We would love to say a MASSIVE thank you to all the Grandparents that we able to join us on Toy Day and thank you for bringing in lovely toys to share with everyone!


It has been an exciting first week back! We have been busy in our new classroom and we have been practising our phonics and counting skills. We have also been looking at our new topic "Toys!" and we have been exploring a range of toys from the past and the present.

Reception Class - 2018 - 2019

The Great Evil Pea Hunt

Superhero day!

The arrival of the caterpillars

Our Very Hungry Caterpillar we made for Crowthorne Trails

Life in our Reception class

Enjoying the Easter Egg Hunt - thank you to the PTO!

Red Nose Day


We designed our own Red Nose characters and animated them.  Then we wrote speech bubbles for them.

King Cat.mp4

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Red Nose.mp4

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We have been working on our breathing.  We work with a partner to help us really focus.

100 Days of School!


We celebrated being in school for 100 days by taking part in lots of '100' activities - finding 100 dominoes, 100 yoga poses, sounding out 100 words, counting 100 cars and making a big 100 in the playground!

Learning Inside and Outside



We have experienced a wide variety of weather over the last few weeks!  We have seen snow, pouring rain, brilliant sunshine and strong winds and have been noticing the changes in our environment.

Who stole our Gingerbread Men?

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