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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2   2023 - 2024

Welcome to Year 1 2022 - 2023

DT - Moving vehicles wb 17th July 2023

This week we designed and created moving vehicles using shoe boxes and other resources from around the school. We focused on our new vocabulary - axels, axel holders, wheels and chassis. We worked together as a group brilliantly and we tested them in the hall when they were finished. A lot of us decided to add flags and decorations to the boxes.

Our school trip to Marwell zoo - Thursday 6th July 2023

We had the best day seeing all of the exciting animals at Marwell zoo. We enjoyed going on the coach and having our picnic lunch too! We enjoyed seeing the giraffes, zebras, rhinos, tigers and the meerkats. It was a busy day but it was a great way to spend our last few weeks of the school year. Thank you to Mrs RIddett and Mr Todman for coming with us too. 

Enjoying the sun with some games - Friday 16th June 2023

Our local area walk for Geography - Thursday 25th May 2023


We had a great walk along Hatch Ride, Hinton Close, Hinton Drive and Oaklands Lane. We were looking at the types of houses that are along these roads. We saw homes that are semi-detached, terraced, detached. We also saw bungalows and caravans. The weather was beautiful and we saw lots of friendly people along the way. Thank you to Lola's mummy and Jacob's mummy for coming with us!

Hatch Ride Walk (Geography) - Thursday 25th May 2023

Healthy Minds Healthy Planet Week 2023 - Day 5

Our final day of Healthy Minds week and we had another morning of skipping in the sunshine. We got to work with Allison from 'Relax Kids'. It was great fun to focus on our minds and bodies and we all left feeling very calmed and relaxed. It has been a great week!

Healthy Minds Healthy Planet Week 2023 - Day 4

Back to the skipping again this morning and we are still loving it! It has been so nice to go outside every morning and enjoying the sunshine this week. This afternoon, Mrs Pratt let us do some mindfulness colouring with relaxing background music. Mrs Pratt was impressed by how neat we coloured and how calm we were.

Healthy Minds Healthy Planet Week 2023 - Day 3

Started our day with our skipping and we looked at how many of us have been walking to and from school this week. We got to visit Rasher the wooden pig to learn about pigs and how to look after them. We spent the afternoon outside on the field 'adopting' a tree. We had to pick our favourite, draw it, name and find the species and whether it is evergreen or deciduous. We got to keep our adoption certificates with a picture of us with our tree!

Healthy Minds Healthy Planet Week 2023 - Day 2

Today we did our daily skip in the morning and we are already making so much progress with our skipping! We are looking forward to improving every day. It also makes it nicer when we can skip in the sunshine! In the afternoon, we explored the school grounds as part of our Geography topic on 'Local Area'. We completed a 'I Spy' game during a walk around the grounds.

Healthy Minds Healthy Planet Week 2023 - Day 1


We have had a very busy first day of Healthy Minds Healthy Planet week! This morning we had an assembly with Tina and Hum Bug about 'Growth Mindset' and we went of a sensory walk with them. We did a litter pick of the grounds and playground this morning and we did our daily skip in the afternoon. We finished our afternoon with some weather and emotion themed art. 

Year 1 Oscar sharing assembly - Friday 5th May 2023

Coronation picnic!

Coronation hunt with Year 3

Happy Easter 2023!

Snow! 08.03.23

World Book Day reading buddies 2023

Reading buddies with Year 3 - Friday 3rd February 2023

We paired up with a Year 3 buddy and shared a Stone Age themed story that they wrote in their writing sessions. We loved reading with them and we are planning on sharing our writing with them soon!

30.01.23 - Thank you to Grandad Geoff for coming into our class to share his important work about climate change. Grandad Geoff shared his medal from the Queen and he brought in special equipment to measure weather like wind speed and air temperature. We had a brilliant time testing the equipment and asking lots of questions!

Making fruit smoothies - D&T - 17.01.23

Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation - History - 09.01.23

First week in Year 1!

The children have made an excellent start to Year 1. They have been using a variety of toys and comparing them to toys from the past as part of our History topic. They have shown excellent learning behaviours and they have really impressed me with their sensible attitudes! 

Welcome to Reception's Class Page!

How did we celebrate our first 100 days of school?

  • We enjoyed reading ‘100 Cats’ and ‘The One Hundred Decker Rocket’!
  • We did dot-to-dot puzzles up to 100!
  • We hunted for 100 dominoes and counted them out on a 100 square!
  • We made crowns!
  • We decorated biscuits with the number 100! We enjoyed delivering them to other people in the school.
  • We wrote about what things we would like ‘100 of’ – and what we would not like ‘100 of'!
  • We sang lots of songs counting to 100.
  • We stood up and sat down as many times as we could in 100 seconds!  (That was quite tiring!)
  • We collected natural objects and made a giant 100 outside in the sunshine!
  • We said, “Hello!” and shook hands with as many people as we could in 100 seconds!
  • We challenged ourselves to build a tower of 100 cubes in 100 seconds.  This proved really tricky and we had to refine our strategies in order to make it work but we managed it on the second attempt – just!
  • We had a disco and played some games!

We celebrated the fact that we have had an amazing first Hundred Days of our school life – here’s to the next hundred!


Some of our favourite moments from our first term ...

Christmas fun

Meeting the Chickens

Cooking porridge in the woods!

Our Humpty Dumpty Experiment! Which materials gave the best protection?

Humpty Dumpty!

Still image for this video

Bring a Stick to School Day!

The Gingerbread Man


We had so much fun exploring the story of the Gingerbread Man!


We predicted what might have happened if the Gingerbread Man had fallen in the river and then tested our theories by leaving gingerbread men in cups of water.  We made gingerbread men and enjoyed eating them!  We also delivered some to the other classes.  We had a gingerbread man phonics hunt in the woods and we even had a go at designing our own using ginger-flavoured play doh.

Remembrance Day


So proud of Reception for their thoughtfulness.  They stood beautifully for the two minutes silence and they created two poppies from handprints, one that is in school and one that was displayed at the Fire Station on Crowthorne High Street.

Once Upon a Time Day

The children looked amazing and we had so much fun exploring stories and rhymes!  From making jam tarts to seeing who could jump like a frog for the longest, from attempting a whole class instrumental piece on boomwhackers to huffing and puffing with a hairdryer to blow down their houses, it was a great day!


As part of our Diwali celebrations, we made diwa lamps from clay and decorated them.  We then used them to do a Walk of Light.

The beginning of our Hatch Ride journey!

  • Hatch Ride Primary School
  • Hatch Ride Primary School,
  • Hatch Ride,
  • Crowthorne,
  • Berkshire,
  • RG45 6LP