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Week beginning 7th March


Maths - complete your daily routine for a week day or week end day by filling in the times in am/pm times, 24 hour times and on an analogue clock. There are also some times to practise converting.

English - Watch the video and see if you can start to write a description of the creature - the mallodile. We are writing non-fiction reports - look back at the shark example from last week as an idea. Start today by writing about the mallodile's appearance.


Maths - Go on to Purple Mash and try some of the time games set as 2dos to practise all the aspects of telling the time that we have covered so far.

Try the challenge below.



English - Look at the information sheet below about the doniphront. These paragraphs are about what it eats and its predators. Add to your writing from yesterday to describe what the mallodile eats and what its predators are. You could also write about its habitat and/or other interesting information such as its speed. Try to include a mixture of short and long sentences and start your sentences in different ways.


English - Next week we will write a non-chronological report about a mythical creature. Today you need to design your creature. Draw a picture of it in the middle of a piece of paper. Around the edge, add labels to show its body parts and what they do. Also record any information about its habitat, diet, predators and any other interesting information (For example, how many are there in the world? Do they have any special skills?)




Please continue with yesterday's maths if you have not finished it. Then, complete the additional reasoning problems below. Why don't you generate your own 3 digit numbers and subtract them from each other for some additional practice?


“Every time I subtract an even number from an even number, the answer is even. So when you subtract an odd number from an odd number, the number must be odd.”


Test these ideas and describe what you notice.





Please have a look at this week's spellings and complete the related worksheet.



Once yesterday's maths is complete, please practise your calculations by generating your own 3 digit numbers to add and subtract. Refer to the maths support link on our class page for a WAGOLL.


Have a look at this BBC bitesize page on coordinating conjunctions. Then, have a look at the picture prompt below. Think about:


  • Where is this? What else is in this setting that you can’t see?
  • Which genre does this setting suit? Why?
  • What are the boys doing?
  • Why are their expressions so different?
  • What can they see/hear/feel?
  • Whose house is it?
  • What do you think they are looking at?
  • What do you think is going to happen?


Write a paragraph or two about this scene. Can you include some coordinating conjunctions? You could also include:

  • Short sentences to build the tension
  • Similes
  • Description appealing to senses
  • Adverbials
  • Powerful verbs


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