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Week beginning 27th November 2023

For home learning this week:


Reading - Try to read your reading book or another text daily and sign your reading record when you do. You can read your school books or other books that you might have at home.


Spellings - This week are learning that 'ch' can make the sound 'c' (as in Christmas) and 'sh' as in chef. There are also two Year 1 common exception words that need to be learnt by sight rather than applying a rule. We are also working on remembering that some words need a capital like 'Christmas', 'Mr' and 'Mrs'.

Please remember to keep the blue spelling book in your child's reading folder so that it's ready for each Monday morning.


Phonics - You can practise this week's sound by spotting it in words, hiding words with the sound at home and playing a game of play buried treasure (Phase 5) on Phonics play.


You can complete any tasks from the Autumn 2 enrichment grid.

Spellings – tested on Monday 4th December







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