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wb 7th December 2020

For Home Learning this week:


- Try to read your reading book or another text daily and sign your reading record when you do (you could also use the Oxford Owl website or read a book or magazine from home)

- Phonics - Phase 5! This week we will be looking at split vowel digraphs. They all have the magic e! We will be looking at e-e (like concrete, Pete), i-e (like kite) and o-e (like bone, stone) and u-e (it makes two sounds yoo like cube and oo like flute)

- I have set the Maths activity which I have attached below.

- Spellings - There will not be a spelling test next Monday but you can look over our previous spellings and you could have a look at reading and spelling some of the Year 1 Common Exception words.


You could try something from the Autumn 2 Enrichment grid if you choose.


Have a great week :)

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