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wb 6th December 2021

There will be two Teams meetings a day. I have updated the calendar on Teams to invite everyone. The meetings will be for saying hello and catching up with our friends and teachers as well as playing games and reading stories. You can also share any work or questions. Please message on the Year 1 Teams page if you have any issues or if you would like any support. 


Please remember that the most important thing is our mental wellbeing. Only try as many activities as you want or can do while working at home. Share any lovely bits on work on Tapestry too :)


Writing - Today we are using our rhyming pairs work from last week to make a new and updated nursery rhyme. I have made a template sheet that you can use (the second sheet is shorter if you would prefer to use that one) and you can make them as silly as you like. One idea would be 'Little Bo hat has lost her cat and doesn't know where to find them'. You can decorate the sheet when you have finished.


Phonics - We are looking at i-e today. You can watch the Alphablocks episode called 'Mine' or watch the funny video I have uploaded below. You can also use the free resources on Phonics Play and Phonics Bloom looking at Phase 3 and 5. 


Maths - We are comparing groups of objects using our greater than, less than and equal to crocodiles. You could watch the 'Blockzilla' episode of Numberblocks to practise using the symbols. There are some activity sheets you could try (the 3 star sheet is the most challenging) or you could do it practically. You could make two groups of objects and put the >, < or = symbol in between. You could draw tens and ones like last week to find which group is the greatest or least. 


The Christmas advent calendar for today is a Christmas craft! You can make something Christmasy from the resources for today or you can do something Christmasy at home instead.


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Writing - Creating a nursery rhyme book using your new nursery rhymes. You can use paper to write our your poem and create illustrations to make a new nursery rhyme book. You could perform your new nursery rhymes to someone or to Year 1 at school in our Teams meeting today.


Phonics - Try reading some of the Phase 5 comics on Phonics Play comics. See if you can spot any of our new Phase 5 sounds. Can you find the magic e?


Maths - Using the <, > and = symbols to compare two numbers. You can use the activity sheet game saved on your can write your own numbers to compare. You can use the flashcards from last week to compare two numbers. You can play the 'Mucky Monster' game too.


The Christmas advent calendar activity today is making a Christmas card. If you have your own Christmas cards, you might want to do them at this time or you could make your own card. You could use the snowman template or create your own cards at home. 

Writing - You are going to become a Christmas sentence doctor! You need to choose a phase to practise and you need to fix the Christmas sentence. How many can you fix?


Phonics - We are looking at o-e today. You can watch the Alphablocks episode called 'Home' or watch the funny video I have uploaded below. You can also use the free resources on Phonics Play and Phonics Bloom looking at Phase 3 and 5. You can see if you can find any o-e words in a book at home.


Science - We are applying all of our materials knowledge. I have saved some 'Big Questions' that you can discuss, draw and write about. You can choose the question to answer. You could try them out at home practically to see if you answer is correct! 


The Christmas advent calendar is a Christmas treasure hunt. I have saved a template that we are using at school. There are questions to hide and a table to record the answers. I have saved the answers and some presents with a number. You can use the presents for each question if you would like. You need to hide the clues around the house and you have to hunt them down and work out the answers! 


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Phonics - You can pick an activity saved above or you can practise writing and reading our new Phase 5 sounds with the magic e in them. 


Maths - We are looking at ordering groups of objects. You can choose which activity you would like to do. You can complete the activity sheet, order the pictures or you can make your own groups using toys or something at home and ordering them. 


The Christmas advent calendar is another Christmas craft. You can pick one from Monday or choose something saved above. If can choose to do something else Christmasy at home instead if you would prefer like writing a letter to Father Christmas or an elf. 

Geography - I have a PowerPoint saved above with some explanation on what to do. Pick a picture of a person doing their job and write a sentence about how the weather affects their work. 


Phonics - Play some of the free games on Phonics Play and Phonics bloom. You can spot any Phase 5 sounds in some of your favourite books too.


Maths - We are looking at ordering numbers 0 - 20. You can try using the games on the link saved above too. I have saved some puzzle activity that you can piece together.


The Christmas advent calendar for today is listening to Christmas songs, a Christmas disco and any Christmas colouring. 

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