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wb 30th November 2020

For Home Learning this week:


- Try to read your reading book or another text daily and sign your reading record when you do (you could also use the Oxford Owl website or read a book or magazine from home)

- Phonics - Phase 5! This week we will be looking at oe (like toe), ey (like monkey) and a-e (like made, snake. It has the magic e on the end!)

- I have set the Maths activity as an assignment on Teams. Use the login from the reading record and find the assignment. Let me know if there are any problems as it is new and hopefully I can help fix it (fingers crossed!!)

- Spellings - I have attached the words on this page. There are 8 words with the focus on 'ee', 'ea' and 'e'. We will test them on Monday 7th December.


You could try something from the Autumn 2 Enrichment grid if you choose.


Have a great week :)

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