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wb 29th November 2021

There will be two Teams meetings a day. I have updated the calendar on Teams to invite everyone. The meetings will be for saying hello and catching up with our friends and teachers as well as playing games and reading stories. You can also share any work or questions. Please message on the Year 1 Teams page if you have any issues or if you would like any support. 


Please remember that the most important thing is our mental wellbeing. Only try as many activities as you want or can do while working at home. Share any lovely bits on work on Tapestry too :)

Writing - We are looking at nursery rhymes. There are lots of videos on BBC and YouTube with nursery rhymes. You 


Phonics - We are looking at a-e today. You can watch the Alphablocks episode called 'Name' or watch the funny video I have uploaded below. You can also use the free resources on Phonics Play and Phonics Bloom looking at Phase 3 and 5. 


Maths - We are counting to and back from 20. We are also practising writing numbers as words. You could use the Top Marks link to play some ordering games and use the BBC Bitesize video for support. You could match the card or make your own number cards to practise ordering and challenge yourself by making them in order but shuffling a few to then fix!

Phonics a-e sound

Still image for this video

Writing - have a look at other nursery rhymes and practise saying or singing them aloud. You can try the rhyming colouring activities or just practise saying pairs of words that rhyme. 


Phonics - use the Phase 5 flashcards (from the Home Learning pages) and have a hunt around the house with them. You could watch the Phonics hunt videos from last year. They are under video resources on the website and then under 'Year 1'.


We will be starting our Christmas advent calendar which I will share in our Teams meeting. You can make decorations or do something Christmasy at home. 

Phonics - we are looking at e-e today. Watch the Alphablocks episode called 'Sleep'. You can also practise your Phase 5 sounds using the free games on Phonics Play and Phonics Bloom.


Maths - You can try the games and watch the BBC Bitesize video about tens and ones (ones are also known as units!). You can use toys, Lego or blocks (if you have them) to make tens and ones and write the number too. You can play the games saved aboved.


We are doing our Christmas Advent calendar activity after lunch. We are making a Christmas door hanger. I have saved a template or you could make your own. You could do something else Christmasy if you would prefer! 

Maths example

The Christmas advent calendar activity for today is writing a Christmas acrostic poem. Write the word CHRISTMAS going down the left hand side and write about 


Maths - use the games and ideas from yesterday to help. You can try the activity sheet saved above. You can pick which star challenge you would like. 3 star is the hardest sheet. You could continue practising tens and ones practically if you would prefer. 


Friday afternoon is time for choosing what you would like to do. I have given some suggestions but you can choose whatever you would like to do :)

An acrostic poem example

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