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wb 11th October

For Home Learning this week:


- Try to read your reading book or another text daily and sign your reading record when you do. You can read your school books or other books that you might have at home.

- Try reading and using our word of the week - tempestuous. It is quite a tricky one this week! Tem - pest - u - ous

- Maths - there is a Maths addition sheet to try. A similar activity sheet will be uploaded to the class page each Monday. You can return them in class or via Tapestry. Please let me know if you would like a printed copy to come home. 

- Phonics - play some 'I Spy' and the clue can be the sound that it starts with. So you could do 'I spy with my little eye, something beginning with 'c''. You could also use it rhymes with ... 


The Autumn 1 enrichment is under a star on the class page and you can try one of the activities this week. 


Have a great week :)


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