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Volunteers in School

Parents and volunteers are always welcome to come in and help in the classrooms or around the school either on a regular basis or as required for trips, special events, etc. We value the support the parent and other volunteers provide for the children and staff in the school and see it as another way of developing the partnership between home, school and the community.


All adult volunteers working within the school environment on a regular basis or attending on a school trip, must complete a DBS check and attend a ‘Volunteering in School’ workshop.   Please contact Mrs Newman-Shepherd School Administration Officer for more information.


On arrival at the school office, please sign your name and time of arrival in the visitor’s book.  You will be issued with a visitor’s badge which should be worn at all times while on school premises.


Safeguarding Information for Visitors and External Agencies


All staff and visitors alike have a responsibility for safeguarding our pupils. To ensure this, while on school premises we ask the following:

  • Please switch off your mobile phone/device and store it in your bag.
  • In the event you do need to use your mobile phone or camera enabled device, please do so in an area that is not accessed by the children, this includes corridors. Such places could be in one of the offices or in the staff room.
  • Do not take pictures, videos or sound recordings of any pupils unless you have sought permission from the school.
  • If you are working with a child, please ensure the class teacher is aware of this, where you are working and approximately how long for.
  • If you are working with a child, please do so in a space that is open, or have an open door or visible by others through a window.
  • If you have a concern about a child please pass this on to the child’s class teacher, who will then follow our safeguarding procedures. If they are not available, please speak with one of our Designated Safeguarding Officers – Ms Sparrowhawk or Mrs Herkes.
  • If you have a concern about another adult in school, please ask to speak to a Designated Safeguarding Officer.
  • Always share concerns with school staff, no matter how small they may appear, and don’t keep them to yourself.
  • If a child says something to you that you think could be a safeguarding concern, act as above, and if possible write down what was said immediately. Listen to the child, do not question them or promise them that it will remain confidential between the two of you.

Details of our parents, carers and visitors code of conduct policy can be found below.

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