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Science is all around us, it helps us to understand, protect and enjoy our world. We owe it to our children to enable them to learn, understand, question and contribute to the world of science. They are our future doctors, nurses, vets, astronauts, pharmacists, teachers, geologists, meteorologists, research chemists…the list goes on.

We believe in ‘Inspiring All to Achieve’.  The aim is to nurture children’s curiosity and inspire them, in a rich learning environment, to discover more and to develop positive attitudes and an appreciation of the nature of science.

Children are challenged to acquire and apply scientific knowledge, understanding and language, to investigate through playing, exploring and experimenting and to communicate and collaborate effectively with others. Children are encouraged to make connections between scientific ideas and to see how they are developed and applied beyond the classroom. Teachers have the freedom to provide opportunities for children to immerse themselves in science through visits, trips, investigations, outdoor learning and whole school science weeks. Parents are actively encouraged to share their passions for the subject and bring the world of work in science to the classroom.

  • Hatch Ride Primary School
  • Hatch Ride Primary School,
  • Hatch Ride,
  • Crowthorne,
  • Berkshire,
  • RG45 6LP