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At Hatch Ride Primary School, our aim is to support children along their way to becoming lifelong readers.


Your child will experience a variety of reading activities in school:

  • Read individually from reading scheme books, which they work through progressively and is monitored by the class teacher
  • Read with the class during the ‘shared’ part of daily lessons.
  • Focused teaching of reading with and adult in a group during ‘guided reading’
  • Quiet reading sessions, where they may be encouraged to read silently or share a book with a partner, including a Reading Buddy from another year group.
  • Given the opportunity to read during other curriculum areas
  • Regular visits to the school library and independent book choosing time

Reading has been a success at Hatch Ride for many years. Much of this success can be attributed to the support and encouragement that children are given from reading with parents at home. Strong home-school partnerships are highly beneficial to reading development throughout a child’s time at primary school.

In KS1 Reading books will be changed on Monday and Thursday.  In KS2 children will change their reading books as they finish them.

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