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Pupil Leadership Team (PLT)

The PLT are running their own stall at the Christmas fair! See poster below for more details.

Meet the Pupil Leadership Team for 2023 - 2024

Meet the PLT for 2022 - 2023

Pupil Leadership Team 2022 - 2023

Here are some of our first thoughts on being elected into the PLT this year.


Year 6

'Our goal this year is to make the school an even better place and to get the school back to how it used to be before Covid. We are proud to represent PLT in Year 6 in our final year at Hatch Ride school.'


Year 5

'I am looking forward to working on projects and I am proud to represent the PLT in Year 5.'


Year 4 

'We would like to set up more clubs for everyone and to work with our friends to share their voice.'


Year 3 

'We would like to see more plants in our school which would help make our school look even better.'


Year 2

'We want to help keep our school healthy and create ideas to help with that.'

Pupil Leadership Team 2021 - 2022

PLT has got off to a brilliant start!


We would like to introduce ourselves as the elected members of the Hatch Ride Pupil Leadership Team (PLT) for 2021/22. We have already started our meetings and are looking forward to representing the voice of all the children at Hatch Ride and taking on areas of extra responsibility around the school. 




Pupil Leadership Team 2021 - 2022

School Council 2019 - 2020

We have been busy already this term. We have been asking our classes about their thoughts on lunches to share with Cucina. We have also spoken to our classes about new playground equipment that we would like to buy ready for Spring term. We have been working together to create some plans for January!

Final thoughts on our year as School Council...


Year 6

Q: What has been the best thing about being a School Council member?

A: We have achieved lots. We have raised money for Great Ormond Street hospital by having a Pyjama day. We have been involved in pen recycling. 


Q: Why should other people be interested in being in the School Council?

A:You get to take part in really important decisions for the school. 


Q: What have you achieved this year?

A: Being involved in organising important events. We have had the confidence to speak in front of our class and to Key Stage One in different assemblies.


Year 5 

Q: What has been the best thing about being a School Council member?

A: We have really enjoyed our time. You have responsibilities around the school and you can wear your school council badges.


Q: Why should other people be interested in being in the School Council?

A: Because it is a great experience. You do have to spend time working on things but you get to work with other classes that you don't usually get to work with.


Q: What have you achieved this year?

A: Fixing problems on the playground and we have regularly come to meetings. 


Year 4 

Q: What has been the best thing about being a School Council member?

A: We can give ideas to improve the school. 


Q: Why should other people be interested in being in the School Council?

A: Because it is a good chance to help the school. 


Q: What have you achieved this year?

A: We have improved our confidence and shared many of our ideas!


Year 3 

Q: What has been the best thing about being a School Council member?

A: Everything! We get to skip the queue on a Friday for lunch as we eat our lunch in our meetings. 


Q: Why should other people be interested in being in the School Council?

A: Because it is fun and you can help the school and your friends. You can opportunities to work as a group.


Q: What have you achieved this year?

A: We got to speak in front of our class about suggestions they might have to improve the school.

Hand Washing Assembly - Tuesday 7th May 2019

We had to make posters to help Key Stage One children to wash their hands better. We created our posters in our year groups and we presented them to the children in their Key Stage assembly. We showed them how to wash their hands properly (you have to sing the Happy Birthday song twice!) and we told them why it is important to wash their hands. The posters we made are on display in all KS1 bathrooms. 


Have a look at for more information.

World Book Day 2019!

For World Book Day, we as a school council decided to read a story to the Key Stage One children. We had to choose a book that we thought the children would enjoy. We had to choose books from our library, our classes or from home.

Year 6 School Council members went to Reception to read “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”.

Year 5 School Council members went to Year 1 to read “Little Miss Bossy”.

Year 3 School Council members went to Year 2 to read “Revolting Rhymes”.

The Key Stage One children listened really carefully and we really enjoyed reading to them!

School Council Year 6

In school council we discuss what we could improve about the school and what we could make school more enjoyable. We would love to do something on Sports Day and run a few cake sales to help the school raise some money to buy the things you might like. If in the future you have some ideas on what you would like us to improve please do find your class school councillors and inform them our write your idea down on an idea slip in your school council idea box. Then we discuss that idea at a school council meeting and if we think it’s good then we will put that idea forward. We will then try to buy that suggested item.


By Year 6 School Council

Year 5 School Council!

We are Year 5 School Council and this is what we have been doing! We got elected because we are hardworking and every idea will be discussed and thought through and of course all ideas are equal. We started doing Mini Angels again this year and it’s been going really well (we are doing jobs in Year 6 and Year 3).


By Year 5 School Council

Year 4 School Council!

As School Council we try to fix problems that can't be solved. We try to be helpful, honest and kind. We can be models that help the infants to be sensible in class and assemblies. People put ideas in a box that we open and see if we can make their school dreams come true. We can try to get new equipment and change things around the school. School Council try to work hard enough that we make most dreams come true. People voted for the school council members. We have worked really hard to get to this point. Also thankyou for all your support for y4 school council  we give all our thanks to you people out there.  Thankyou  so much for all of your help and support!


By Year 4 School Council!


Year 3 School council!


We really enjoy being school council.

Miss Gorrod runs school council and she’s amazing at her job!

To become school council we had to write about why we should be it and people voted for us.

We have a box and people put suggestions in it if they think they think they can make a difference to the school.

At school council we read out the people’s suggestion and say our own. It’s at lunch time and we eat our lunch in the Year 1 classroom.

By Year 3 School Council



A word from Miss Gorrod about School Council...

I really enjoy helping to run School Council. All of the School Council members have brilliant ideas and they are an amazing representation of their class and their school. Our current School Council members have spent a lot of time talking to their classmates and creating a campaign which their peers voted for. I think they made a fantastic choice and we are having a very successful year with the School Council. The School Council and I wish to thank all of the school for contributing their brilliant ideas :) 

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