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During this lesson, you will think back to your dream board you created online, sharing what job, house, goals you want to achieve and have when you are older. Your task will be to look at each goal you want to achieve and break it down. 

You will need to think about:

How you will achieve them?

What steps do you need to take?

How long will it take to achieve it?

Who will help you achieve this?


Write down all your goals and explore how you will get there. 


An example:

I want to achieve the splits.

I will achieve this by staying consistent in what I am doing and staying focused. 

I will do this by practicing every day for 20 minutes stretching. As I progress, I will make the stretches more challenging. 

I think it will take me 1 month. 

I will use videos on YouTube to show me how to stretch. 




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