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In PSHE we have been focusing on goals and dreams this term. We looked at what dreams and goals we would like to achieve when we are older and how we will get there. We then looked into other children around the world and how their lifestyle might influence their dreams and goals. 


During this lesson, you will be looking at how you might be motivated to make a positive contribution when supporting others. Look around your room and have a think of what objects could come from other countries. Now walk around your house and see how many you can find. A good example might be a water bottle, most of our class water bottles are from China. How cool is that!


As you can see, different countries support and influence each other in a variety of ways. 

We love to listen to different music from other countries, we explore different food, play different sports and even have clothes made by different countries. 


Thinking time: 

Have a think about what we might be able to offer to other countries to support them, e.g. music, food, medical supplies, etc...


We are able to share a number of things with other counties but also sometimes we are able to offer further support to other countries that might be in crisis. 


How have you or others raised money for charity before? 



Your task will be to brainstorm ideas on how our class can raise money for charity. 


You will then decide on one idea and work out how you will achieve this. 

What materials do you need? Where will this happen? Who needs to be involved?


After half term, I will be picking a few ideas for us to do as a class to help raise money for a specific charity. 

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