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Children at Hatch Ride are exposed to music all the time with opportunities for listening, sharing views, creating and performing.


Children always hear music as part of assembly and opportunities are given, when appropriate, to respond to this music. All children have the opportunity to sing during the weekly singing practice, in a fun and supportive atmosphere.


Using the BBC’s Ten Pieces set of music and resources has enabled us to have a common whole school approach; one of the Ten Pieces has been used for the whole school to respond to and each class has been assigned their own piece. Children are encouraged to evaluate what they hear and the music can be used as a stimulus for children to respond to in other areas of the curriculum eg art, dance, writing etc. Children acquire skills such as listening, evaluating, composing, performing and adapting as well as the ability to work in a team and respecting different views. Children appreciate that instruments are not essential to making music – we all have music in us and the voice, the body and anything around us can be readily used!


Teachers are generally responsible for teaching their class music however in Y1 it is taught by an HLTA who has used the Ten Pieces resources and Boomwhackers and Y6 are taught by the Music Subject Leader which also enables Y5 to be taught German!


We are able to provide a guitar club, choir, 2 recorder clubs and a music club which also provides opportunities for performances at a range of school events.


Class sharing assemblies are also an ideal opportunity for children to perform for an audience, either singing or playing.


Through the Berks Maestros Wider Opportunities scheme, children in Y3 have had the chance to learn an instrument as a class. Over the years, this has been strings or woodwind. Currently, children are learning the clarinet.


The school has paid for Y4 to have a class drumming workshop once a week for a term, observed by class teacher.


Individual instrumental lessons are also provided through Berks Maestros in violin, guitar, drums, recorder and bassoon. Those children with instrumental skills are given opportunities to develop their skills in the school clubs and class music lessons as well as enabling others to learn musical skills.


Music is clearly alive and well at Hatch Ride : we are always delighted with how readily children pick up new songs and rhythms and the humming of tunes can be heard some time after singing practise, music lessons and clubs are over!  The children also have a great memory bank of music they have heard, where they have heard it and what it has been used for!

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