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Edward Elgar

Slide 6: We are going to begin a 6-week music project focusing on an important piece of music by a composer called Elgar.

Slide 7: Elgar was from England and his most famous piece described his friends in music. He wrote a simple tune and made lots of different versions of it – one for each of his friends. These versions are called ‘variations’ and because Elgar left everyone guessing who was ‘pictured within’ and where the tune came from, the piece is called ‘Enigma Variations’


Fill out the activity sheet as you progress through the PowerPoint.


Slide 8: Listening task - listen to 3 variations. Try to imagine the person being described and jot down your thoughts. Is it a man, woman, animal? Age? What are they doing?


Look at the answers on the next slide. 

Slide 10: Watch the video on BBC. Afterwards, answer these questions.

Did you like the film? What was your favourite part? Who would you make a musical selfie of?

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