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Maths is all around us in nature and the built environment. It can be used in our everyday lives as well as helping us make sense of the world .

Maths at Hatch Ride is all about being inquisitive and asking questions as well as using facts that we know. Practical activities are key to children being able to make sense of the maths and a means of making the maths ‘stick’. Children are encouraged to draw pictures and make jottings in order to solve problems and learn written strategies through the use of practical apparatus, interactive programs and WAGOLLs (What A Good One Looks Like)  Children are encouraged to ‘break a problem down’ to use what they know, look for patterns  and make connections with all aspects of Maths. To become more fluent and to encourage reasoning, children enjoy playing games as well as creating their own.

They are encouraged to ask their own ‘What if…?’ questions and develop a sense of reasoning eg to explain why a question is wrong, comparing different strategies, giving evidence of and explaining a pattern. We encourage children to see maths in the world around them including going outside to apply their maths skills. We give them opportunities to find out where people use Maths in their job, including visitors/parents coming in to school to share this with us.

Maths is about geometry, data and measures as well as number and children develop differently in all areas but ultimately, we want children to be able to say ‘Maths is fun’ and ‘I can do Maths’ !

Click on the link below to see videos of the calculations that we use.
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