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Before you have ago at the sheets think back to what you learnt yesterday. When you are ready to get started have ago at the sheets below. 

Remember when finding equal fractions, whatever you do to the denominator your need to do to the numerator. 


So if I want to find a equivalent fraction for 2/3

I could times 3 (the denominator) by 5 to get 15. 

Then I would need to times 2 (the numerator) by 5 as well, this gives me 10.

So a equivalent fraction is 10/15 

2/3 = 10/15 


I could do this backwards to find its lowest equivalent fraction.


I know both numbers go into 5.

So I can divide 10 (the numerator) by 5 which gives me 2

and divide 15 (the denominator) by 5 which gives me 3

so I now have 2/3 in its lowest form.  


Another example could be: 


I know both numbers go into 3.

So 3 (the numerator) divided by 3 is 1 

and 6 (the denominator) divided by 3 is 2 

so my lowest equivalent fraction could be 1/2. 


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