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Rocket Launch


You will need:


You have two choices!


Rocket 1

You will need the rocket template and a straw. 


Rocket 2

You will need an empty plastic bottle or milk carton and the semi-circle template (or just draw a semi-circle on a piece of paper).


What to do:


Rocket 1


Colour two rockets and cut them out.


Glue them back to back but only glue around the edges, leaving the bottom open.  This will allow you to insert the straw inside.


Blow hard on your straw.  This should send your rocket flying off into space.


Rocket 2


Roll the semi-circle into a cone and glue/ tape it. 


You can decorate it to look like the nose of a rocket, if you want.


Place it over the top of the empty bottle.


Squash the bottle and watch the rocket nose fly off into space.



How well did your rocket fly?

Could you make it go any faster?

What changes could you make?

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