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Leavers 2022

Academic Year 2021-22

Shirt signing and Leaver's Assembly

Water ballooning after breakfast

Grow Your Own - enjoying our potatoes


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Post-SATS Celebrations

In the last week of term, our Year 6 boys finally got to play their first football game of 2022.  They did a great job and scored first, although at the final whistle the game was a draw.  The score was 2:2, a well contested game through an everchanging array of weather! 

Art - Expressing ourselves!

Science Week - Water and WaterAid

Spring 2022

Christmas Poem - please see our video resources page for our Christmas performance.

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10p Bottle Challenge - Fancy dress day

Sourdough Science

Materials and Changes - mixtures, solutions and separating!

Fairtrade Fortnight

Lowry - portraits and perspective

Learning at Home

Merry Christmas.....with blooper scene!

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Thank you for all the lovely flowers, gifts and cards. I hope everyone has a safe but enjoyable Christmas.

Heading into Christmas.......

Space Day - October 2020!

This term's topic is Space and we finished the term with a Space Day.  We made puff and water rockets, launching the latter at the end of the day to see if any could head out of our atmosphere!  

Proud Work

13/03/20 - British Science Week

We embedded our knowledge of sound and vibrations by making our own telephones using paper cups and string! We tested them outside and even played Chinese whispers!

05/03/20 - World Book Day!

As well as wearing our pyjamas to school, we also created 'Story People' where we drew around a member of our team, planned a 5 part story and formed a freeze frame for each part!

29/01/20 - Ufton Court residential!

For 3 days, we became Tudors! We explored new lands under Sir Francis Drake, uncovered secrets of a Catholic family under Protestant rule, and ate like kings and queens at a royal banquet. A brilliant time was had by all.

16/01/20 - The digestion system!

The class spent the afternoon reenacting our digestion system with Mr Young's lunch! Using scientific equipment, the food was chewed and digested before the inevitable was so gross, we couldn't take our eyes off it!

20/12/19 - Christmas week!

Year 4 spent the week discussing and learning about the current homeless problem that the UK faces. With that in mind, we decided to create care packages for people in need which contained sweets of our own design as well as warm donations from home.

26/11/19 - Mummification!

After learning about how the Egyptians worship their dead, we had a competition to see which group could mummify a member of the class the best!


That's a wrap!

What a wonderful year we've had! There are too many happy memories to count. I would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents who have helped with trips, events and hearing readers - we couldn't have done any of it without you! Also, a HUGE thank you for our thoughtful gifts - we are truly speechless.


Have a wonderful, restful summer.


Miss Currie


A 'popping' STEM workshop!




Preparing a Greek Salad

As part of our DT/Topic work, today the children prepared their very own Greek salad. Great fun was had by all! Look at how proud they are of their creations!


Miss Currie


'How to be a great Year 3'

Today, the children shared their instructions for 'How to be a great Year 3' to the current Year 2s. We have been working very hard on these, so it was wonderful to see the children so proud of their writing and the Year 2s thoroughly enjoyed it too!


Miss Currie



Sports Day!

This morning, we had Sports Day! We did: dribbling, javelin, long jump, sprint, an egg and spoon race, an obstacle course and a relay. We had a fantastic time. Our favourite event was the sprint because it was a runderful sprint! Our second favourite event was relay - it was relay great!


By Kiera and Harry!



Outdoor Classroom Day

We had a wonderful afternoon outside in our school grounds, cooking bread on the campfire, printing with outdoor materials, searching for creatures and building homes for wildlife around our school. What a wonderful way to end the half term!


Miss Currie 

'Lessons learnt outdoors, whether maths, science or language, often stay with us for life. Being outdoors helps children focusboosts creativity and imagination, and can simply be more fun. Children who have the freedom to play today — making friends, getting lost in the moment, having fun — are better prepared for whatever tomorrow throws at them.'



Pyjama Day!

We had an exquisite day in our pyjamas on Monday 20th May 2019. We wore our pyjamas in order to raise money for a place called GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital) which looks after poorly children. We kindly donated so we could help children in need.


By James and Samuel


Glorious Greece

What wonderful home learning I recieved this week! It was clear all the children put in their best effort and enjoyed making their posters/booklets/presentations advertising Greece as a holiday destination.


Miss Currie




A Super Start to Swimming!


For three weeks, we have been to the lovely Harmans Water swimming pool.  Our teachers are extremely kind and helpful because they have an immesnse stick to pick us up if we fall in the water! We are looking forward to next time! Look at our super photos!


By Thomas D and Jude


Greek Food Tasting!





SPORTS - Tag Rugby Tournament

On Wednesday, Year 6 and Y ear 5 boys and girls went to a tag rugby tournament. It was so fun! Amazingly, both the girls and the boys lost one game, drew one game and won 4 games! After each game, we discussed new tactics that we could use and when we used them, we all improved. During our break, the girls were lucky enough to have a training session with England rugby player Sarah Mckenna!

We had a motto what we used in every game: ‘there is no I in team!'


By Louisenna



We Are Romans!

A couple of weeks ago we started to made awesome Roman shields. We used colourful paint, card and a pencil to draw a design on the card. We then painted different parts of the shield with colours such as red, gold, silver and blue. It was an amazing, crafty experience. On Wednesday 27 March 2019 we continued making our shields and we put tape on the back of our shields. We all took a picture of ourselves with our shields and invading classrooms. We also went into the playground and we took a picture of us with our shields on the equipment. Then the year 1s came outside and we invaded Miss Gorrod!


By Harvey


Goodbye Netball

Today was our last netball lesson. It is sad to see netball go but we must move on! The court was spilt into three parts. There were two teams on each third of the court: bibs and PE shirts! It was amazing!





We have been learning about playscripts and we also acted out some plays.

 We were told to read a facinating script which included: a cast list; the speakers' name on the left; writting stage directions in brackets so the speaker doesn't say what they're suppost to act out; definitly use the present tense & use a great narrator to briefly set the scene for the audience. Here are some photos we would like you to 100% see!!!  


By Sajan and Lia