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Designing Constellations

Constellations are pictures that people have imagined when they look up in the sky.

Watch the constellations song first.


You could also search the internet for constellation pictures.


You are going to design your own constellation.  The stars are at the main points of the pictures.  What will it represent?


Decide how you would like to make it and then choose your resources accordingly.


You could use dark paper, if you have any, to make it more like the night sky.  If not, any other paper is great!


How could I make it?

Draw stars and then join them up to show the shape of your constellation.


Use paint and do fingerprints to print the main stars of your constellation.  You could spatter some paint around it to represent the smaller stars surrounding your constellation.


If you have any stickers, you could use stickers in the same way to represent the stars of your constellation.


You could punch holes in paper to represent the stars and then shine a torch through so they light up.


Or you could design your own on Purple Mash!  See the instructions sheet.




What does your constellation represent?

Can you give it a name?

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