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Home learning will be written into home learning diaries which the children need to bring to school daily.  There will be at least three pieces of home learning a week.  The purpose of the home learning diary is to support the transition to secondary school as the children will be expected to record their home learning and organise their week so that they hand in their work on time.  Our expectation is that home learning is well presented and clear.  Any English home learning must be punctuated and sentence work needs to clear and readable.

Reading should happen at least three times a week at home.  This can be independent but we would recommend hearing your child read at least once a week.  Although your child may be able to decode their reading books, it does not always mean that they are comprehending what they read.  A check in with a parent around their reading (vocabulary, key information or plotline) can reveal that they have not quite grasped parts of their books and this can be picked up through conversation.


Please see the reading booklet below to support your child's reading at home. For more information please look on our website under Key Information - Curriculum - English - Reading - Reading at Home.

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