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Guided reading

This term we will be learning about Myths and Greek gods. 


In guided reading this week we will be focusing on the greek god Heracles. Make sure to have a pencil and some paper (preferably lined) for this lesson. Follow the steps below. 

1. Write the date and title at the top of the page.

Thursday 4th November 2021


2. Read the comprehension text about Heracles and as you read make sure to underline any words you don't know. 

3. Complete task 2 by drawing the table on your piece of paper and filling out the table. 


A synonym is a word that means the same or is similar to another word.

Antonym is a word with a meaning that is opposite to the meaning of another word.

4. Complete task 3 by answering the questions. 

5. Complete task 4 by answering the question.


Remember to include the VIPERS letter next to the question. 


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