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The last few weeks we have been looking deeper into fronted adverbials, metaphors, and similes. In today's lesson, you will be using that knowledge to include these in a piece of short descriptive writing. 


Before you begin your descriptive writing, we must first recap what a fronted adverbial is. Go through the PowerPoint up until slide 5.


Activity one: Complete the fronted adverbial sheets. 

Once you have completed the sheets take a look at the four descriptive writing examples and have a think of these questions...

What do you notice about these pieces of writing? 

What fronted adverbials do they use? 

Can you spot the similes and metaphors?

What is your favourite part?


Activity two: Your task is to write your own descriptive writing on Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon. Including fronted adverbials, metaphors, and similes. 

Have a look at the example on slide 10, this will give you an idea of what needs to be included in your short descriptive writing. Remember it must include: fronted adverbials, metaphors, and similes. 

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