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LQ: Can I identify the importance of Brunel’s work?


Warm-up thinking activity:

If you could create anything, what would it be? 


During our last History lesson, we looked at the impact Stevenson’s rocket had on the world.

In this lesson, you will be looking deeper into the engineer Isambard Brunel.


Watch video on Brunel


After the video, think about these questions:

What struggles did Brunel have when building the railway from London to Bristol?

What have you learned about Brunel so far?



Your task will be to create a mind map of Brunel. Use the video you have just watched and the PowerPoint below to gather information for the mind map.


Here are some ideas you can add to your mind map:

  • Box hill and the concerns Brunel had with box hill
  • What people thought about his ideas
  • All Brunel's inventions
  • The impact of his inventions, especially the railways


After you have created the mindmap, write a few sentences about the below topic.

'Why was the invention of the Railways significant?'


Below are some areas you could focus on:
Travel and time



Goods transport

Connections across countries 


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