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Write down on a piece of paper what you think a balanced argument is.

Once you have written down your ideas, watch the BBC video

Pause the video at 2:32 when it asks you to think about arguments for and against climbing Mount Snowdon.

Write some of your ideas down on your piece of paper. 

Carry on watching the video and pause the video again at 3:43. Have a go at writing some sentences linking your ideas for and against tourists on Snowdon using the vocabulary on the screen.

Watch the video to the end.


Look back at your work yesterday and choose a topic. Have a go at writing some sentences linking your ideas together using a range of different sentence starters. 



Chocolate is a luxury item and can be purchased from many different places. On the one hand, chocolate provides many wonderful flavours.  However, chocolate contains a lot of sugar and can be bad for your teeth.


(If you did not complete the English work yesterday, pick a topic from the document below and fill out the table writing down reasons for and against. Once you have completed one section, have a go at the above task creating your own sentences linking your ideas together.)

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