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Exploring orbits


In this case, we are looking at how a planet orbits (goes round) the sun.



You will need:


  • A marble or ping pong ball or other small ball (your planet).
  • A round container, such as a baking tin, pasta bowl, sweet tub, cake tin etc.
  • A blob of playdoh or a cut out picture of the sun and a piece of blu tack (your sun).


What to do:


Roll the playdoh into a ball, flatten it slightly and stick in the middle of your container.  Or stick down the picture of the sun with the blu tack.


Place the marble or ball in the container.


Tilt the container to make the marble (planet) roll around the inside edge of the container, orbiting the sun.


Did you know?


Do you know how long it takes the Earth to orbit the sun?

A whole year!



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