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Mutual Respect

We had a recent assembly about mutual respect, and what this means to us in Hatch Ride School.  Many of our children have responded very positively in support of this topic.  Some of our Year 4 and Year 5 children have written acrostic poems on the subject of respect and we would love to share them with you.  

Kindness means…

Interacting with people that are lonely

Not leaving people out

Doing kind things

No violence

Everyone gets along

Socialise with others

Stay open

By Summer Smith


Learn how to respect

On all occasions you must accept

Your heart is yours

And theirs is theirs

Loyal is the word that everyone adores


Respect is for everyone

Everyone and everything

Say nice things

Press respect down to ring

Everything is property

Cause at the end of the day

Tell them you’re kind, hooray!

By Sophia Samara and Emilia Breach


Respect others

Everlasting Friends!

Step out for others

Protect others

Everyone deserves respect

Collaborate with others

Together for ever!

By Amelie Wilson, Evie Booth, Noor Lucas, Liv Middlemist

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