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Ambition, Vision and Values

Our Ambition

Giving ALL our children the best chance.


Our Vision

  • To provide a holistic education environment to all the children who come to Hatch Ride
  • To give every child the opportunity to achieve their individual potential,
  • To promote understanding, equality and the importance of citizenship in each of our children
  • To prepare our children for secondary education from Day 1
  • To equip our children with the lifelong skills they need after they leave education


Our Values



To promote personal excellence by providing a challenging education in a safe, caring and inclusive environment where each child can achieve their full potential and become life-long learners



To provide a caring environment in which maintaining every child’s safety is our priority



To continuously improve teaching standards to ensure we create an environment which encourages achievement and rewards personal excellence



To create an environment which is welcoming and inclusive, where every child has the opportunity to achieve through our approach to education



To prepare our children for life outside of the classroom, and equip them with the lifelong skills they need to be successful
  • Hatch Ride Primary School
  • Hatch Ride Primary School,
  • Hatch Ride,
  • Crowthorne,
  • Berkshire,
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